Why Do We Buy What We Don’t Need?


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I went to HomeGoods recently and couldn't help but laugh at all the discounted, cheaply-made Halloween decorations they're desperately trying to push onto people who don't need them (but love a good sale). Same goes for poorly-made, low-quality clothing that won't last but a few washes before losing its shape.

Shopping is fun. It gives us a rush. Literally [cite]. When we decide to bring a new item into our homes, we start to think of all the possibilities, how this item could bring us more happiness or convenience.

However, that soon results in us having a house or apartment full to the brim with stuff. We don't need this much stuff. We are conditioned from commercials and advertisements to believe that having more stuff will make us happier, cooler, smarter, etc. We start to nest like crows or squirrels, adorning our dens with the latest gadgets and gizmos.

Take care of the stuff you already own, and thrift the rest. Only buy something new if you're prepared to take good care of it and ideally use it for the rest of its (and your) life.

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