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The ability to learn and grow is a gift. I didn't always feel this way — admittedly, I used to have a fixed-growth mindset, meaning I generally didn't consider change to be attainable. And even if it was attainable, I didn't have the energy to try, mostly due to mental health issues. I'm also a recovering “gifted child,” so I have a ton of self-doubt and anxiety around the possibility of failure. But that all changed a few years ago, and now I'm passionate about reflecting on what I've learned about myself and the world, and sharing that with others.

I believe that the more we know, the more information we'll have to apply to our own lives, making better-informed decisions…and consequently, making us better people and this world a better place. What a privilege to be living and breathing on this planet, surrounded by so many people to learn from, and so many things to see.

Thanks for being here 💞

— Anita

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