The Start of my Low-Waste Journey


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Taking time to reflect is important.

1. Use a reusable water bottle

I used to not think twice about buying water bottles when I was traveling, out for lunch, or in any situation, really. But they're really so unnecessary. If you currently buy bottled water, consider using a reusable bottle whenever you can; you probably already have one at home. Once in a long while I'll have a bottled soft drink as a treat, and we do keep several gallon jugs of water in our house in case of emergency. But otherwise, I stay clear of drinks that come in their own plastic bottle.

[research: is there any difference in water quality among top brands? is there any difference between brita water and bottled? tap and bottled?]

Use reusable bags

This applies for groceries and any form of shopping. If I'm just picking up a couple of items, I'll just hold them in my hands until I get to the car. I'll use my backpack, tote bag, purse, or anything besides a single-use bag. I also have a couple of foldable tote bags that I try to carry with me at all times when I'm out. Sometimes I forget, but that helps me to remember for next time!

Shop locally

There are plenty of good reasons to shop locally, and I'm sure you've heard many of them. Doing so stimulates the local economy, instead of putting more money in Amazon's pocket. It saves on the carbon emissions it would take to ship items to you. And it gets you out and about and talking to people.

Now, shopping locally can expensive; that's because big super-retailers like Amazon can afford to give you items for much cheaper, because they make it all up in volume. It's not possible for everyone to shop locally, and even if it is, it's probably not possible all of the time.

By committing to shopping locally, I learned to spend less. Because things cost more, I started to buy fewer things and purchase items with intention. I planned out my meals and shopped my pantry. I saved money in many areas of my life so that I could enrich other areas of my life.

3. Use rags instead of paper towels

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