Our Place In The World


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Recently, I've felt a call to seriously reflect on how I want to contribute to this world, what impact I want to have on those around me, and how I would like to walk through life. While I believe the oft-told cliche that one person's small actions can create ripples, I also believe those ripples are often so small that they accomplish nothing in the long run; but that might be the statistician in me speaking.

But lately, I have opted for optimism. Well, I'm an optimistic realist. I accept that we are but the most minuscule of blips in the timeline of the universe, and that my existence, as well as the existence of humanity, will likely be forgotten in a relative blink of an eye. I'm really sorry if this thought saddens you - it's not my intention! I honestly find this extremely comforting. I truly feel that as a species we have failed our planet, but what quells me is the thought that the universe will return to equilibrium once it has rid itself of our parasiticity.

I feel lucky to have this privilege: the safety to waste time dreaming. Humans are wired for survival, but in today's modern society, survival is defined differently than it once was. Survival means a full-time job with a salary sufficient to support your lifestyle, and a safety net for when you inevitably grow too old to feed and clothe yourself.

There are so many beautiful things in today's modern society, but I think we are blind to some of the horror.

To me, the most important thing is that we come together as the human race.

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