Growth Is Painful


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Growth is painful. And I think we need to talk about that.

I was talking about mushrooms with a dear friend, and how I felt that over the years, psychedelics have helped me heal the most, accelerated my growth and deepened my awareness to depths I didn't know existed. She was supportive and fascinated, but didn't have the same experience.

“The only time I did it, I just felt like I was reliving my trauma again.”

“Ah, yeah,” I said. If I were earlier on in my healing journey then, I might have gone on to explain that reliving the trauma is necessary in order to heal from it. To release it. I'm proud of myself for not saying that. For just holding space and validating that.

There was no need to pressure or shame. There was no need to teach. It was a time for just listening.

  • Not everyone wants to heal - The Holistic Psychologist

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