Being Unhappy Vs. Being Generative


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People seem to not understand when I tell them that my manic episode was one of the best things that's ever happened to me. I get it, though. How could a manic episode be good? After all, I barely ate or slept for five days, embarrassed myself at work, and lived in the in-patient psychiatric unit for almost an entire week.

Those things, to me, are details. There are many good things that came out of my manic episode. The most important of those is that I now have more information about myself. I am able to be more aware of my emotions and my mood swings, and I am able to get the right treatment so that my bipolar doesn't affect my life too much.

As much as I try to avoid negativity in my life, sometimes it just finds you. In these cases, you have a choice: you can either let that negativity corrupt your spirit, or you can use it to make you stronger.

Being unhappy is saying, "Look at this terrible thing that happened to me, — I'm so unlucky."

Being generative is saying, "Look at this terrible thing that happened to me. It taught me that X, Y, Z, and I'm lucky to be alive."

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